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Waste management and disposal are highly essential when it comes to maintaining a sustainable environment. Most people prefer professional services like Henry Woods for waste disposal in Bromley. They provide excellent waste removal solutions, helping you maintain cleanliness and hygiene in your surroundings.

Professional Methods of Waste Management

At Henry Woods, we provide skip hire services that are highly reliable and efficient. Suitable for domestic, commercial and construction waste disposal, customers can use them as per their needs and requirements. We also have a full licensed environmental permit to recycle 95% of the waste matter. This way, we aim to reduce the volume of discarded waste before taking it to the landfill.

Different Options for Skip Hire

  1. Domestic Skip Hire

They are suitable for household usage to store away small amounts of waste matter. This includes rubbish produced while room clearing, remodelling the garden etc.

      2. Commercial Skip Hire

People use this to discard waste materials from any business project site. They offer a lot of functional benefits, especially during office remodelling.

     3. Construction Skip Hire

Ideal for disposing waste at construction sites, you can do your job efficiently without manually carrying the heavy waste materials.

Different Sizes of Skip Hire

  1. Domestic skips:

There are mini skips (4-6 yard) and medium-sized ones (8 yards). People use them while renovating, repairing or garden landscaping. They can hold 30 -60 plastic bags inside them.

      2. Commercial skips:

Known as maxi skips, they are 8-12 cubic yards in size and can hold 70-120 bags of rubbish material.

Meet the Experts

Consult Henry Woods Skip Hire, a reputed company from where you can rent skips of all sizes. Their standard approach to the waste disposal system helps maintain the ecological balance. They employ the latest technology for express delivery of quality skip, therefore guarantee safe and secure waste management and recycling.

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