Know What is the Difference Between Domestic And Commercial Skip Hire

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When it comes to waste management, most people prefer professional services for better removal, cleanliness and hygiene. It is essential to keep the home and surroundings clean. Consult a company for skip hire in Mitcham for excellent waste removal solutions.

Skips are ideal for discarding massive quantities of waste products. If a lot of rubbish is accumulated over time, you can store them in these skips and discard them off. You can also choose from the two kinds – Domestic and Commercial Skips.  The sizes vary in between mini, midi, maxi and industrial skips.

What are Domestic Skips?

Every homeowner should hire a skip when you are renovating, repairing or garden landscaping. The skips for domestic usage are available in a size of 2-8 cubic yard. There are mini skips (4-6 yard), medium-sized ones (8 yards) and large skips (10-14 yards). When at home, we often underestimate the amount of waste that can accumulate.

What is Commercial Skip?

Also known as maxi skips, they are mostly 8-16 cubic yards in size. They have roll on, roll off features for convenience. The bigger ones can measure up to 20-30 cubic yards. They are mostly utilised during construction processes, demolition projects – dismantling or wall removal etc. You can also utilise them while transferring or moving offices or homes. It helps in keeping the space tidy and organised and also is friendly to the environment.


  • You can discard multiple numbers of garbage bags together.

  • You can throw away industrial waste which is responsible for environmental damage.

  • You can declutter your home quickly or clear away waste when cleaning the loft.

  • You can also throw away concrete waste, heaps of plastic, wood and debris from the garden area.

  • Commercial skips are suitable to store waste matter from building materials. It helps while clearing out old stock etc.

  • You can use it to throw away solid bricks, ceramic, concrete and clay.

  • Skips are also ideal for accumulating metal waste matter.

Consult Henry Woods Skip Hire, a reputed company from where you can rent skips of all sizes. They follow a standard waste disposal system, employing the latest technology. They also ensure to maintain ecological balance.

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