The 3 Secrets to Successful Skip Hire

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Hiring a skip is one of the most effective solutions for waste management and it helps you keep the surroundings clean and hygienic. You should always consult a professional waste disposal service if you want to discard massive quantities of rubbish at a single time. At Henry Woods, we provide excellent waste removal solutions to get rid of domestic and commercial waste.

There are several advantages to hiring a professional skip hire service. It helps reduce environmental pollution by isolating the general waste from the reconcilable ones.  You can also segregate recyclable waste material from the others so that you become active in protecting natural resources. The reliable companies ensure waste disposal at proper sites without polluting the surroundings. It also saves you time and effort.

Three Secret to Effective and Professional Skip Hire

1. Ensure whether the Company is good

Before hiring a skip service, check whether the company is a professional. They should have the license and documentation to carry out smooth waste disposal. At Henry Woods, we execute specialised waste removal in an environmentally friendly manner. With 30 years of experience in the industry we can therefore guarantee the best-priced skip hire service.

2. Check the Price Factor

At Henry Woods, we understand every specific client requirement and their waste disposal needs. We provide them with a wide array of services that are budget friendly and can be used for various needs.

3. Check the Material

 We provide domestic, commercial and construction skip hire.

We offer a variety of skip size and types. You can choose between the following –

  • Mini Skip

  • Midi Skip

  • Maxi Skip

  • Industrial Skip

We help customers decide the correct size of the skip according to the total waste generated. You offer superior installation for hassle-free waste disposal. We also ensure to discard the waste to landfills and deposit sites.

Customers can also categorise our skip hire service into three main kinds –

1. Domestic Skip Hire

They are suitable for household usage, to store rubbish during room clearing, renovation, garden remodelling etc. We suggest you get mini skips (4-6 yard) and medium-sized ones (8 yards) for this purpose. They can ideally fit 30 -60 plastic bags inside them.

2. Commercial Skip Hire

People use these skips during office remodelling or at business project sites. Also called maxi skips, they are 8-12 cubic yards in size and can hold 70-120 bags full of rubbish.

We have the advanced option to offer you mobile containers with a roll-on and off feature. These containers have a high capacity for waste accommodation, ensuring minimal spillage, and it also comes with secure lid covers. You can keep the skip within your vicinity or the adjacent area for hassle-free and efficient waste disposal.

At Henry Woods, we offer professional waste disposal and skip hire service by employing the latest technology. With express delivery of quality skip, we also guarantee safe and secure waste management and recycling.

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