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Conditions Of Use

Our services are rendered in adherence with certain terms and conditions which are mutually agreed upon.
We only deal in level loads and containers used are in accordance with customer needs and requirements:

  • Permission of highway authority is to be sought with regards to a container being placed on the private property of any customer with regards to Section 139 of The Highways Act 1980. Customers are to adhere to the provisions of the act.
  • Customers will reimburse the company if there are any reports of loss, claims and costs related issues. This provision is with respect to the company’s vehicles which collect and deliver containers.
  • Customers will be liable to reimburse the company, if any of the containers taken on hire is stolen or damaged irrespective of the conditions under which the said incident occurs. We will also require a report from customers with regard to injury caused to anyone by using the containers while they have been given on hire, as well as the person(s) involved in the accident.
  • As well as observing the conditions of Section 139 of The Highways Act, it should also be reported if there are any accidents that may arise as a result of the containers being removed from their original place during dark hours.Warning lights should be placed on containers by customers to avoid any eventualities.
  • Customers are also required to adhere to the duty care( Epa1990) which imposes the covering of the container with a lid while in use for the duration of hire.