Types of Home Renovation Waste that You Cannot Put in a Skip?

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When you undertake any major home renovation project, it can create a lot of waste. It is your responsibility to dispose of the waste properly. A skip bin is an easy and convenient way to eliminate most types of waste.

Not Every Waste is Allowed in a Skip:

However, while eliminating home improvement wastes, there are certain rules and regulations to follow. You are prohibited from placing some kinds of home improvement waste in the skip. These rules vary between the services for waste disposal in Wimbledon.

Home Improvement Wastes to Avoid in a Skip:

This article looks at four different kinds of home renovation waste that should not be placed in a skip bin.

  • Hazardous Materials: In the first point, we will talk about hazardous materials. These include asbestos, chemicals, solvents and fuels. All these can potentially cause harm and contamination if not managed correctly. These substances require specialist training and handling methods for safe removal. You should never place these in a skip bin for disposal. It’s also important to note that some construction materials, such as plasterboard, contain asbestos fibres. These materials must also never be placed in a skip bin. They present a significant health hazard when disturbed or disposed of incorrectly.

  • Demolition Rubble: After home improvement work, it is natural to find demolition rubble. These include bricks, concrete and tiles. These shouldn’t be put into a skip bin, either. All the materials contain large amounts of metal and other components. It needs to be manually separated before recycling or reusing safely. Putting them into mixed waste within skips doesn’t allow for this separation process to occur. In addition, these items often weigh too much. If not loaded properly, the materials can cause damage to the skip’s walls or flooring.

  • Electronic Household Appliances: Electronic equipment such as refrigerators, televisions and computers should never be thrown out with general household rubbish. You should refrain from placing them into standard skips. Electronic items contain hazardous components such as heavy metals, including lead and mercury. These can cause environmental contamination if released improperly. Instead of using skips for disposal, these items should always be taken to accredited e-waste recycling centres.

  • Beddings and Mattresses: Furniture such as mattresses, couches and chairs may seem light enough weight. However, these simply occupy too much space within a standard-size skip bin. This primarily happens due to their bulky nature. This prevents other more compressible materials from being loaded into the same bin. Therefore, large furniture, such as wardrobes, should always go into separate bins. As a result, they won’t reduce the amount of space. You can use the space for other manageable materials like cardboard boxes or plastic bags.

Now that you understand the things to put in a skip, you won’t make the same mistake in the future. To clean up your property after important home improvement work, you can hire a skip from Henry Woods Skip Hire. We are one of the most reliable skip hire companies in Wimbledon. To learn more about us, you can get in touch with us.

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