How to Manage Waste after Christmas and New Year Parties

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The festive season is here, and everyone is planning their Christmas and New Year Parties. The themes of these parties may vary, but one thing will be the same at every party. That is the waste items produced after every big or small party. Whether it is a house party to celebrate New Year’s Eve or a big corporate event on that same occasion – waste will be produced, and it must be handled with care.

In the process of waste management, skip hire in Epsom is a trusted method. This is a professional way to handle all types of waste items generated during this festive season in and around Epsom.

Tips on Rubbish Removal and Waste Management during Festive Season

  • Reuse Things

Look at the items you bought for this festive season. Many of them can be kept for reuse in the next years. Keep them aside to reduce the amount of waste. For example, Christmas decorations or beautiful gift-wrapping papers can be stored for future uses.

  • Do Not Overbuy Things

One of the easiest ways of reducing waste during the festive season is to stop overbuying items. Make a list of things you will need for a New Year party, and do not buy anything extra. This will save money and reduce the amount of waste after the party as well.

  • Keep Bins All-Around

Before the party starts, you must keep bins all around your home or office to encourage your guests to keep the place clean and tidy. Request all your guests to use those containers to throw their waste so that you can collect the rubbish easily the next day and send them for disposal.

  • Use Eco-Friendly Decoration

While shopping for Christmas and New Year decorations, you should always choose something eco-friendly. This will help you in recycling them after use. Thus, you can easily reduce the load of your skip hire.

  • Avoid Plastic

It is one of the most crucial parts of every festive season when decorations, gifts and parcels are created. You should always avoid the use of plastic because this can cause serious damage to our environment. Not all types of plastics are designed to be recycled. Hence, they can create hazards for the landfills and our environment badly.

  • Get Expert Help

Professional skip hire and waste removal services can greatly help you during this festive season. The experts of Henry Woods Skip Hire will deliver the best waste removal service this festive season to keep your properties neat and clean. Different sizes of skips are available. You can hire them according to your budget and requirements.

Henry Woods Skip Hire service is available for commercial and residential properties. You can get in touch for the Free Quote today.

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