Solid Waste Disposal and Management – Importance and Management Techniques

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Getting rid of solid wastes is more challenging than it might seem. Public health, proper collection and storage, and disposal need to be considered. Improper solid waste management can result in unhygienic conditions. Once the solid waste has been used, hire professionals for proper disposal.



Improper handling of solid wastes can give rise to fast-spreading diseases and pest infestations, which are harmful in the long run.


Types and characteristics of solid wastes


Solid waste is not limited to commercial sectors. You’ll also find enough solid waste generated from homes, industries, and institutes. Some of them are potentially hazardous. The definition of solid waste is vast; it includes garbage like damaged or unused clothes, paper waste, wood products, and broken glasses. Again from the commercial and residential premises, damaged refrigerators, old couches, and large tree stumps in the garden also form a part of the solid waste family.



Electronic wastes like dead batteries and computer equipment containing lead, mercury, and chromium are also designated the title of solid waste.


Why is solid waste management important?


Solid waste management is a social responsibility. If left without proper disposal, these wastes can produce tonnes of toxic pollutants that will eventually pollute the air, water, and earth. For instance, groundwater is sometimes polluted by contamination from heavy metals. Moreover, improper management can cause economic loss and public health issues. Hence proper solid waste management is important. This helps to promote a healthier and non-toxic environment.


What are the efficient solid waste management techniques?


Along with hiring professionals for proper waste disposal, you can also undertake a few services to help you manage solid wastes and track them.


Focus on waste reduction


To avoid solid waste generation, make sure that you eliminate the amount of waste production. For instance, you can control solid waste generation if you stop wasting food waste. Similarly, in the commercial sectors controlling paper and stationary wastes can help control solid wastes.


Recycle the solid wastes


Most of the solid wastes are recyclable. For instance, old couches, wooden furniture, and unused glass bottles can be reused. Hence rather than throwing them away, make sure that you recycle them. This is an economical way of reducing solid waste.



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