Waste Disposal in Croydon

Henry Woods provide waste disposal in Croydon, Surrey, Mitcham and Wimbledon. We help in removing waste and recycling them, preventing disposal in landfills to a great extent.


Our rubbish collection services in the commercial sector are authentic as we possess the required licence and insurance for collection and removal. We ensure that our customers are not harassed in any way throughout the entire process. Our experts that coordinate the entire procedure are very helpful.

Environmental commitment

We are committed to preserving the environment by practicing ‘clean and green’ waste disposal in Croydon. We will reduce your carbon footprint by recycling 100% of the waste collected to prevent clogging the UK landfills unnecessarily.


Our business dealings with clients are authentic and confidential. Therefore, we assure that transactions and procedures followed do not find mention anywhere else.

Our waste disposal services at a glance:

  • Clearing waste from office complexes
  • Waste clearance from shops
  • Construction clearance