Waste Disposal In Epsom

Want to work towards a greener Epsom? Seek the waste disposal services of Henry Woods. Ideally located in the market town, we offer skip hire services as well, to make the disposal of commercial and domestic waste easy. The containers are collected and up to 95% of the content sent to a registered recycling unit for reprocessing.

The rest 5% is dumped in government approved landfills adhering to all the eco-friendly principles of waste disposal. Our services are cost-effective and can be availed via a free, no-obligation quote. Should you be looking for a responsible and trustful firm for waste disposal in Epsom, do not look any beyond Henry Woods. We don’t just collect waste, we dispose it of, too. Need us? We are just a phone call away.

Our Waste Management Services Include:

  • All domestic and commercial waste disposal
  • Waste recycling at registered units
  • Working towards zero landfills

How Essential Is Waste Management In Epsom?

In the county of Surrey where Epsom is located, 83,000 tonnes of domestic waste are discarded every year in unethical ways. If recycled, this volume can suffice the electricity needs of over ten thousand homes and replace fertilisers for the production of about sixteen million loaves. And this is just about the household waste that you create. Think about the possibilities with all that load of commercial waste.

Epsom falls on the London commuter belt and hence, witnesses a huge population. It is a commercial as well as residential hub, and considered one of the best placed to live in Greater London. Waste management here is crucial to upkeep the livability of the location. Could you ever say no to it? Do not let garbage accumulate in and around your residential or commercial space. We recommend you hire Henry Woods – the skip hire and waste disposal firm, and breathe peacefully in a cleaner Epsom.

Henry Woods Could Be Your Best Bet For Waste Disposal, Because

  • We are family-run and cater to individual requirements.
  • We carry out kerbside collections and collect waste from constructional sites, too.
  • We are battle-tested with an experience of 30 years of waste disposal in Epsom.
  • We stick to the environmentally amiable norms of waste management.

Click here to know more about the waste management rules in Epsom and other areas of Surrey. Want to seek our waste disposal services? Contact Henry Woods at the earliest.