Tips for Better Waste Management in Your Office

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Here are some of the best tips for better waste management and waste disposal in Wimbledon.

Waste Disposal and Management Tips

  • A Waste Audit 

A waste audit should reflect the kind of wastes your organisation produces every week and in what quantities. This data will help you develop a waste disposal and management system that will be sustainable and cost-efficient at the same time.

  • Reduced Usage of Paper

Organisations can now afford to go almost paperless thanks to the advent of digitalisation. It can take time to get used to working without paper. But the more you save, the more you contribute towards a greener environment.

  • Reuse Cardboard Boxes for Storage 

Offices often receive stationeries or equipment in bulk, packaged in cardboard boxes. Instead of throwing the empty boxes away, one can reuse them for storage purposes in the office.

  • Eco-Friendly Affiliations 

Partner up with companies which also believe in sustainable practices. Restaurants that take back leftover food, water companies that receive empty plastic bottles for recycling, paper companies that accept used paper to repulp – these are some of the things you can start with.

  • Get Skip Hires for Big Events 

Wondering how to dispose of the waste generated by a corporate event or an office reconstruction? Skip hire services will come to your rescue. Hire skips of the size as per your requirement and get rid of all the waste you produce in a simple, zero-hassle, and environment-friendly manner.

For sustainable management of disposed waste, you would need the assistance of a waste disposal service. The responsibility of reducing and reusing is on you, but leave the recycling to the professionals.

Henry Woods Skip Hire in Wimbledon is a premium provider operating in the industry for over 30 years. A family-run business is committed to obtaining energy efficiency in all their waste management solutions, recycling 95% of what they collect. They know the business well enough, comply with all the environment-related laws, and ensure that your waste reaches the right place in terms of recycling or reuse.

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