Some Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Skip in Croydon

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The facility of hiring a skip has made the process of handling waste much easier. Skip hire companies ensure proper waste management, which means none of the rubbish will end up in landfills. Skipping hiring is much more convenient as you can book a bin size according to your requirements.

Possibility of Committing Mistakes:

If you are booking a skip for the first time, there is a possibility of making certain rookie mistakes. Committing these mistakes may cause you unnecessary harassment, like paying fines to the local authority.

Avoid these Mistakes while Hiring a Skip:

In this blog, you will find common mistakes that may be committed while contacting a skip hire in Croydon. You can also learn more about the ways to avoid these.

  • Not Booking the Accurate Skip: It is the most basic goof-up you can make while booking a skip. You might end up with a skip that is too big or too small for your requirement. The thumb rule is to book a larger skip for convenient waste transportation. When you book a compact skip, there are chances of overloading the bin with your accumulated rubbish. Communicate with your skip hire company to know the size of skips they offer.

  • Not Procuring a Permit: A specified permit or licence is important when handling waste via skips. It is a document that permits you to place the skip in space for public use. Not having one of those will attract heavy fines from the city councils. For better assistance, you can contact your skip hire company.

  • Putting Wrong Wastes: Skip hiring is indeed convenient for disposing of a wide range of waste materials. However, you should remember that not everything can be placed inside the bin. Avoid throwing in items like animal waste, tyres, asbestos and other hazardous wastes. Inform your skip hire agency if you want to dispose of any heavy waste like furniture or appliances.

  • Overflowing Skips: Another common mistake is choosing the wrong sized skip. If you book a smaller skip, there’s always a chance of overfilling it with waste. It will be a dangerous precedent as it can hurt the passer-by. Overloading the skip is also a punishable offence. So, while filling the skip, you must keep an eye on the weight of the skip.

You should follow these steps for a smooth waste handling experience with skips. Communicate with a trusted waste management facility like Henry Woods Skip Hire to get quality assistance. We are well known as skip hire in Croydon. You can get skip bins of different sizes that match your waste handling requirements.

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