Rubbish Removal and Skip Hire During Lockdown

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Lockdown changes our lifestyle. It has a significant impact on your daily life and its routine. However, the collection of waste or the habit of keeping the house clean is still ongoing. In fact, during this pandemic, you need to be more careful about waste collection and rubbish removal. Consider professional skip hire in Croydon to manage and dispose of your waste, calling the experts will be the best option to remain safe as it is important to follow the right steps for rubbish removal during lockdown to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

Tips for Safe Rubbish Removal during COVID 19 Pandemic

  1. Hire Household Skips

Always look for the most trusted and experienced skip hire company to get the experts’ assistance for the collection of your household waste. Inspect the sizes available for the bins and then order as per your need. The company can help you to choose the best bins for household waste. These skips help you to keep the waste in proper order and an organized manner. You can avoid contamination and maintain the good health of your family by keeping the waste outside your house inside skips.

  1. Keep the House Clean

Lockdown gives you ample amount of time. What can be more apt use of this time than doing some spring cleaning in your house? Though the local councils may ask you to avoid this to reduce the stress on waste disposal and rubbish removal services. During this lockdown period, the pressure upon the skip hire agencies is vast. Spring cleaning of houses will make their job even more challenging. However, big companies are not afraid to take challenges. You should keep your house clean and neat to avoid infection and germs in this pandemic period.

  1. Take Care of Garden Waste

If you do not have a composter, then order one right now. This can be a great way to deal with your garden and food waste. You may find yourself with a heap of garden waste as garden cleaning is another brilliant way of keeping yourself busy during the lockdown period. At the same time, you should consider composting the trash at your home, if possible. If you do not find any option, then skip hire in Croydon is the best answer.

  1. Do Not Burn the Garden Waste

Even if you have piles of garden waste, never think about burning them up. Fire and rescue officials all over the UK are requesting people not to encourage bonfires in their gardens. The fire service call-out has increased a lot during this lockdown because most of the garden owners are trying this idea. Call your skip hire company to provide you with the right size of skips for garden waste.

Henry Woods has the right answer for all your skip hire related needs. Give us a call, and we will provide you with the best skip bins for safe and regular collection of your waste during the lockdown.

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