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Things You Can Recycle this Winter

  • Wrapping Paper — Christmas is all about gifts with papers and bows wrapped around them. Before recycling your wrapping paper, remove all synthetic ribbons and bows.

  • Christmas CardsThe festive season brings plenty of Christmas cards. You can easily recycle them if they have no glitter or foil decorations. Decorated cards need more processing to be turned into useful paper again. 

  • Electronics — With loved ones gifting new gadgets, older ones find their way into the bin. However, many businesses offer electronics recycling services. If your gadget doesn’t qualify for such services, you should follow device disposal guidelines before throwing them out.

  • Trees — If you have used a real tree during the Christmas season, make sure to put them in your garden manure bin. Remove all plastic and synthetic decorations and chop the tree into small pieces. If you have used a plastic tree, store it in the attic and use it again in your next Christmas celebrations.

  • Leftover Food — Dump all your leftovers into the food recycling bin or donate to a nearby shelter. However, before disposing of your leftovers, make sure to remove all foil wrappings.

  • Party plates — You can quickly dispose of your party plates or cups by adding them to your paper recycling bin. However, remove all leftover food and drinks before throwing them into the container.

Easy Waste Management Tips for Winter

  • The chances of rain and moisture ruin your plans for effective waste disposal should always be anticipated. Keep your cardboard and paper bin indoors to prevent water from entering them. It will help if you also keep your metal commercial and plastic waste covered and locked as moisture can contaminate the entire bin.

  • If you have surplus assets like chairs, beds, desks, and other stationeries, donate them to a nearby shelter. You can also hire a skip to get them removed and recycled.

  • Thawing and freezing of waste can cause severe contamination. Waste Management teams refrain from collecting soggy or frozen waste as they are hard to recycle.

  • Maintain proper communication and schedule an appropriate date with your skip hire team.

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