Know How Overflowing Garbage Bins Can Impact Your Well-Being

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One of the major challenges people all over the world are facing due to rapid urbanisation is the increasing amount of waste generated. The demand for food products has increased and so has littering. Public waste bins have started overflowing which is having a negative impact on people’s health and the environment.

The overflowing garbage bins not only leads to cluttered roads but also generate bad odour. There are a few places in Mitcham where the waste collection processes have not yet become advanced and maintaining cleanliness had become a daunting task. The easiest way to handle the situation is by approaching an experienced company offering professional waste disposal in Mitcham.

5 Ways Overflowing Garbage Bins Can Impact Your Health And The Environment

  • Insects And Bacteria Thrive On Garbage

You will be surprised to know that insects and bacteria treat overflowing waste bins as the ideal place for breeding. The flies roaming around your lunchbox are the ones which visited the garbage. Sometimes, they even drop offsprings on your plate which increases the risk of food poisoning, gastroenteritis, typhoid fever, enteric fever and other illnesses. It is not only about flies, even mammals like foxes, stray dogs and rats thrive on the garbage.

  • Cause Air Pollution

Air pollution is a very common problem caused due to overflowing garbage bins which can further lead to respiratory diseases. Few of the toxic substances which can contaminate the air are nitrous oxide, methane and carbon dioxide. Our lungs can absorb the contaminants from the air and have adverse health effects. One of the primary reasons why polluted air emits bad odour is because the waste items in it decompose.

  • Affect The Entire Ecosystem

It is not only about air pollution, but overflowing garbage bins can also contaminate surface water, affecting the entire ecosystem. The water’s chemical composition can change if the liquid waste or garbage ends up in the water. This is known as water pollution. If you don’t want waste to affect the marine system, get in touch with a company offering skip hire in Mitcham and get rid of the overflowing garbage bins.

  • Handling Waste Can Lead to Health Risks

It is always advisable to allow trained waste collection staff to pick the garbage instead of directly handling the overflowing waste as it can expose you to health risks. Few of the risks are chronic diseases, infections and accidents. Your skin and blood can get infected if there are infected wounds and they come in direct contact with the waste. Animals present in the waste bins can also bite and cause various illness.

  • Bad For Municipal Well-Being

Overflowing garbage bins will not only lead to serious health and environmental issues but also become a public nuisance. People hate visiting a place which is dirty and unhealthy. Mitcham might stop attracting people and tourists if the city becomes smelly with poor sanitation. Soon, it will start losing money.

Since overflowing garbage bins can impact your health and the environment in so many ways, it’s time you start looking for a skip hire company and get rid of the waste.

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