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Not everyone hiring a skip to get rid of waste from their property knows what happens to the rubbish after they put it in the skip. It is the responsibility of every skip hire company in Mitcham to treat the waste in such a way so that there is less carbon footprint. The objective is to minimise residual waste by recycling and reusing processed waste materials.

4 Reasons To Hire Skips For Waste Disposal

  • Prevent landfills from getting overflowed with garbage.
  • Reduce the generation of greenhouse gases and protect the environment.
  • Save the local area from getting contaminated.
  • Encourage recycling and reusing materials for various purpose.

How Is The Rubbish In A Skip Processed?

  • Sorting

Sorting waste is the first step of the recycling process. Professionals you have approached for waste disposal in Mitcham will consider the type or nature of the waste before sorting them. Large and bulk materials are removed before putting the waste in the loading bays for treatment.

  • Treatment

The waste treatment process includes screening, shredding and compacting. The waste materials are put into a separate container after treating it. They undergo further processing in the treatment and recycling facilities.

  • Processing

The processing procedure is dependent on the type of waste you are processing. Wood and furniture are shredded which are later used by chipboard manufacturers to make new wooden products. Hedge cuttings, trees and garden waste are mixed with biodegradable materials to turn them into compost. Hardcore materials like glass, tiles, concrete, brick and stones are crushed and later used as building project materials.

4 Common Reasons To Avoid Landfills

  • It is not an eco-friendly way of getting rid of waste as items like aluminium cans and plastic bottles can take almost 200 years to decompose.
  • Recycling waste instead of throwing them in the landfill will bring economic gain.
  • It is not a cost-effective option as skip hire companies have to spend a lot of money so that they get permission to use the landfill.
  • You can use landfills for various other purposes which can benefit the community instead of filling it with waste products.

These being said, you now know the benefits of hiring skips for waste disposal and how the rubbish is processed.

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