Hire The Right Size Skip In Wimbledon For Your Domestic Use

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If you are one of those people who hire skips often for their house or property, make sure that the company you are approaching has experience in providing domestic skip hire services. They should have experts who can help you choose the right size skip as you might not know the skip size you will need just by doing a bit of online research. An uninformed choice can waste your money. If you end up hiring a smaller skip, you can get rid of only a part of the rubbish and your property will still be in a mess. Similarly, you might waste your money by hiring a larger skip than required.

Skips And Their Uses

For someone not aware of the term yet, skips are big bins which are specially designed to hold a large amount of rubbish which you are willing to get rid of. They are used for both domestic and commercial waste disposal. Even if you are willing to get rid of a large amount of household waste, you can take the aid of professional skip hire services. Sort and put the rubbish in usual garbage bags before piling them over the skip. You can put almost 20 to 100 bags in a skip depending on its size.

Difference Between Commercial And Domestic Skip Hire

You can hire skips for both commercial and domestic waste disposal needs. As far as the former is concerned, commercial skips are used to collect a large amount of waste from industries, offices and construction sites. They are generally larger than those used to remove household waste. Few common uses of domestic skips are,

  • Clearing garage, attic and other rooms
  • Refurbishment of kitchens and bathrooms
  • Building waste
  • Garden waste
  • House moving waste

How To Determine The Skip Size For Domestic Use

The easiest way to determine the size of the skip you are hiring is by assessing the amount of household waste you are willing to get rid of. Understand your needs and hire a skip which fulfils those. Experienced companies offering skip hire in Wimbledon know that every client has different skip requirements and customise their services accordingly. The waste disposal needs of the clients determine the type and size of skip they should hire.

Types Of Skips Available

  • Small

The size of these skips generally ranges from 2 to 4 cubic metres and suitable for small domestic jobs and renovations.

  • Medium

The size of these skips ranges from 5 to 8 cubic metres and ideal for medium-sized home renovation projects. A majority of these skips come with doors.

  • Large

The size of these skips generally ranges from 9 to 15 cubic metres and suitable for large garden or home renovation projects.

Since you are now aware of the various types of skips, it’s time you choose the right one for your domestic waste disposal needs.

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