Classifications of Hazardous Waste that Are Worth Knowing

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When it’s to waste management, you should be careful about the materials you handle. Each waste has its classifications, for which you must treat them differently. One of the most crucial types of waste is hazardous waste. It consists of materials that may be harmful to the environment.

Understand the Classification of Hazardous Wastes:

From chemicals to metals, harmful or hazardous waste may consist of different materials. The items are classified into different parts in different countries. If you want to dispose of this waste through a reliable waste disposal service, it is better to inform them beforehand about the type of waste.

Top Types of Hazardous Waste Materials:

Here are some types of hazardous waste that you should be aware of. You can find more about them in the following part of this blog.

  • Combustible Liquids:

    It is a common kind of waste that you may have in your possession due to daily use. The most common example of combustible or flammable liquid is fuel, which includes both petrol and diesel. Other types of flammable oil, like cooking oil, are also considered harmful as they can potentially cause a fire.

  • Radioactive Materials:

    These kinds of waste materials are generally produced by scientific establishments. This includes chemical manufacturers and research laboratories. Even a little trace of radioactive materials can be harmful to humans and animals. So, it is very important to inform a waste disposal service about the possession of such waste materials. Exposure to these objects can cause critical health problems like cancer in the long run.

  • Explosives:

    Explosive materials can be classified into different categories. However, the most common types of explosives we see are crackers and fireworks. Even if you try to remove unused fireworks, you should follow adequate safety norms so that it doesn’t harm you. Report to the waste disposal service about the type of explosive you want to dispose of.

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