4 Tips for Filling up the Skip in the Right Way

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You may find it challenging to manage the waste at your site. No matter how professional the skip hire company you are dealing with in Croydon, if you do not follow the right technique of filling the skips with the waste, then you will never enjoy the service.

No matter what type of waste you have or for how long you need that skip hire service or waste removal service for the project; it is necessary to know the basic techniques of skip handling to avoid delay or mess in waste management.

Choose the Right Size

The selection of the wrong size of the skips can create big trouble for you when you try to fill it up with the waste. Always take the help of the skip hire experts to understand which size of the skip will be the suitable one for your project. Tell them about the type and quantity of waste you want or would have daily at your site. They will help you to choose the correct size of the skip. Working out on how much skip space you actually require is necessary to collect and manage the waste in the best manner.

Know about Weight Restrictions

Before you hire a skip and use it to collect the waste, you should ask your skip hire service provider about the weight restrictions. Many companies have such restrictions on the basis of the size of the skip. You must be aware of the same and fill the skip keeping that point in mind. Do not cross that stated weight limit; otherwise, the skip hire company will not accept the skip for removal.

Avoid Over-Filling

Even if your skip hire company does not have any weight restriction, you should refrain yourself from over-filling the skips. This is not the right way to manage waste. If necessary, then look for more than one skip at a time, but do not over-fill the skips to save money. This will increase your trouble.

Know the Waste Type

Different types of waste should be dumped in different types of skips. Chemical waste should not be dumped with the garden waste, or the food waste must be kept separate from construction waste. Hence, you need to hire different types of skips for certain types of waste to keep things in proper order and avoid risks.

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