4 Points To Consider When Hiring A Commercial Skip In Surrey

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A large amount of waste is generated in a commercial premise every day which comprises of personal documents, electrical waste and hazardous materials. Hiring a skip for professional waste disposal is a must if you are planning to relocate to a new office or revamp your restaurant. The focus of every skip hire company in Surrey, Sutton is on disposing of the waste in an eco-friendly way. Wastes are graded into categories before sending them off to a registered recycling plant.

Looking For Commercial Skip Hire In Sutton? Few Vital Points To Consider

  • Use

One of the primary benefits of hiring commercial skips is that they are specially designed to get rid of a large amount of waste generated in a business premise. Moreover, you can choose the right type of skip according to the type and amount of waste you want to dispose of. The type of commercial skip you will require for demolition or refurbishment of industrial units will be different from the one required for office clear outs, retail unit revamps or when moving premises.

  • Size

If you don’t want to end up wasting your money by hiring a larger skip than necessary, consider the amount of waste. Generally, trading companies produce a large volume of waste so hire a big skip.  The size of the skip should be more than eight yards if you want to dispose of dense and heavy materials like soil or rubble. Though you can hire a lorry as well, a skip ensures minimal disruption to your site. Generally, the size of commercial skips ranges from 8 to 16 cubic yards.

  • Seek The Necessary Permits

If you are planning to place the commercial skip on public property, a skip permit will be necessary. Whether you have to follow any restriction when placing or using large skips is dependent on its location. Know the local rules and check whether you need traffic cones, safety lights or reflective markings. A majority of the companies offering skip hire in Sutton, Surrey obtain the necessary skip permits on their customers’ behalf.

  • Consider The Premise

The primary difference between commercial skips and domestic skips is that the former are generally heavier. If you are planning to hire and position them in your commercial premise, make sure that its ground is strong enough to withstand the weight. There should also be adequate space to position the skip.

Consider the points stated above and you can hire the right commercial skip.

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